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A complete laboratory solution

At NBS Scientific, we offer a wide range of products to satisfy your needs in the laboratory. Whether you’re searching for the best laboratory automation equipment or reliable sample collection devices, we have everything you need all in one place. For more information about our suppliers, please see below.


AFYS3G is a Dutch company committed to improving laboratory processes by developing bench-top equipment that represents the 3Goals for which AFYS3G was founded; enhance performance, empower integration and ensure compatibility.

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Basque Engineering and Science Logo

Basque Engineering and Science delivers off the shelf and custom automated frozen aliquotting solutions to the scientific community to preserve sample integrity, increase sample utilization and support major R&D initiatives.

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Geneye Logo

Geneye is a manufacturing company who specializes in the highest quality laboratory consumables, reagents and devices for scientists. Geneye is passionate about innovation and is constantly searching for new products and solutions for the customer.

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GenTegra Logo

GenTegra is an American company that manufactures stabilization products to protect biological samples during transportation and long-term sample storage. Gentegra’s products help customers to collect, transport, and/or store RNA and DNA samples at ambient temperatures.

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micronic Logo

Micronic, based in the Netherlands and the United States, manufactures innovative sample storage and preservation products for research laboratories in the life sciences industry. These products include sample storage tubes, racks, caps, barcode readers, and automated laboratory equipment.

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Novitain Logo

Novitain offers labware and equipment products to enhance the preparation and processing of samples. The labware products include blank round bottom tubes in 96-well format, a high-density format Grid Rack and caps in a strip, mat or cluster format. Compatible capping equipment and tools are also available.

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Scinomix Logo

Scinomix develops automated tube labelling systems for customers in the life science industry. The automated systems have the ability to cherry-pick, (de)cap, fill, scan, and label storage tubes. It is possible to create customized solutions for labs.

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SPL Guard

SPL Guard develops and produces lab equipment that can be used for the controlled preparation of biological samples prior to sample handling or sample storage in ultra-low temperatures.

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Vitl manufactures high quality laboratory instruments to compete with market leaders at an affordable price with unrivalled functionality, usability and style. This range includes the world’s best-selling microplate heat sealer: the VTS.

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