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Micronic EFC labware range

Sustainable sample storage

Embracing sustainable sample storage labware represents the forefront of modern laboratories, blending innovation and eco-consciousness. Eco-friendly research methods are just the beginning, with the significance of sustainability also extending to the tools being used, including sustainable sample storage labware, in laboratories. This labware is often discarded after a single use. Ensuring these materials can easily be recycled and the materials used to craft this labware are sourced sustainably is paramount. By opting for sustainable labware, laboratories can commit their responsibility towards a more sustainable future.

The importance of sustainable sample storage labware

The importance of sustainability is something that has been constantly growing in the life sciences sector. Innovations such as the ACT labels, a recent development by My Green Lab, are cornerstones of this growing awareness. These mentioned labels provide organizations with a platform to showcase their commitment to sustainability, including the use of sustainable sample storage, by meeting a certain set of criteria.

But why should you choose for sustainable practices? Sustainable practices align and show commitment to conduct ethical resource management. Thus, prioritising sustainable sample storage methods is not just a choice, but a necessity for advancing research whilst safeguarding a greener future for our planet.

The Micronic EFC range

With the importance of sustainability in mind, we proudly present our newest developments in sustainable sample storage by Micronic. The eco-friendly choice, otherwise known as EFC, labware rack range by Micronic is made from recycled materials and has revolutionised sustainable labware. These eco-friendly choice solutions include an eco-friendly sample storage rack. This eco-friendly rack, better known as the Micronic EFC Rack RM, is designed with the latest cutting-edge technologies and committed to sustainability. This eco-friendly and sustainable labware presents laboratories with a sustainable sample storage product, allowing them to not only reach the highest of standards but also have a positive impact on the planet. From streamlined processes to the highest quality materials, every aspect of the Micronic EFC Rack RM is designed to minimise its environmental impact while achieving the best results!

About the Micronic EFC Rack RM

The new Micronic EFC Rack RM is made from 99% recycled material. This eco-friendly piece of labware is made from Polypropylene (PP) and is considerably easier to recycle. This sustainable sample storage labware is designed to reduce environmental impacts, without compromising quality or performance. With a unique data-matrix code that can be read with ease, quick visual controls can be carried out. Reliable sample organisation is important, as biobanks and laboratories can attest, and is critical to tracking and tracing valuable samples. Sustainable sample storage at its finest!