Customer Case Study SPL Guard Arizona

Thawing Samples 18 times faster with SPL GUARD Arizona

Broadband Infrared Diagnostics, a pioneering company specializing in cutting-edge approaches to early cancer detection through femto- and attosecond metrologies, highlights the remarkable efficiency achieved using the SPL GUARD Arizona in their laboratory for accelerated sample thawing.

Dr. Fleischmann, serving as the Biorepository Manager at Broadband Infrared Diagnostics near Munich, is actively engaged in research spanning molecular plant pathology, genetics, and cancer biology. His research primarily involves processing human plasma, serum samples, and other sample types like urine, all of which are stored at a chilling -80℃. Notably, Dr. Fleischmann has recently adopted the SPL GUARD Arizona to significantly accelerate the sample thawing process.

Applications and Advantages of the SPL GUARD Arizona

Broadband Infrared Diagnostics has harnessed the power of the Arizona thawing station for two distinct applications. Firstly, they employ it to thaw 0.50ml aliquots received from clinics. In the past, thawing a full rack of 96 tubes with 0.5ml aliquots in a 4℃ water bath consumed 1 to 1.5 hours. Furthermore, the central samples in the rack remained frozen despite this effort. Now, with the SPL GUARD Arizona, this laborious thawing process has been dramatically reduced to a mere 5-6 minutes. Moreover, the Arizona ensures uniform temperature treatment for all samples within the rack, guaranteeing consistent thawing.

Secondly, Broadband Infrared Diagnostics leverages the SPL GUARD Arizona for ongoing laser spectroscopy measurements. This specific application entails a unique layout of samples: 25 samples for measurement and 8 quality control samples in 0.6ml tubes within one SBS-format rack. Previously, without the Arizona, thawing these samples in a 4℃ water bath required 45 minutes. With the Arizona, this process is now completed in just 2-2.5 minutes, offering significant time savings.

“The SPL GUARD Arizona stops automatically when the samples reach +4℃. This makes the Arizona the best possible device for sample thawing. Results of usability tests where impressive and therefore I would definitely recommend the SPL Guard Arizona to other labs.” notes Dr. Fleischmann.

An important workflow improvement is the flexibility afforded by the Arizona. Dr. Fleischmann’s team can now decide to thaw and measure another batch on the same day or postpone it to the following day without disruptions. Previously, with the 45-minute thawing period, this decision had to be made while the previous batch was still undergoing laser system operations, introducing a potential for errors.

With the Arizona, they can now wait until the laser system is ready, as a 20-minute cleaning procedure commences after each batch on the laser system. This aligns perfectly with the Arizona’s capability to thaw samples and prepare them for measurement within the same 20-minute timeframe, enhancing their workflow significantly.

About the SPL GUARD Arizona

The innovative SPL GUARD Arizona stands as a unique single-rack thawing system. It accomplishes the thawing of a complete rack of tubes from -80°C to +5°C in a mere six minutes. When the desired temperature is reached, the SPL GUARD Arizona automatically stops and confirms this with a beeping signal. Additionally, the thawing station is compatible with a wide array of SBS-format racks from various brands.

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