The G.STATION by Dispendix: Discover the modules

The G.STATION by Dispendix is the ultimate solution for any lab. With Dispendix’s innovative breakthroughs in liquid handling, the G.STATION helps optimize laboratory science. From purification and processing to preparing DNA/RNA sequencing, the G.STATION offers full control with its NGS Library Construction.

What makes the G.STATION by Dispendix unique is that it is a combination of three innovative devices, the I.DOT, L.DROP and G.PURE, are connected with a robotic arm that can seamlessly integrate different workflows. Offering full automation, the G.STATION is the next-gen solution for laboratories seeking to combine intuitive software and high-quality technologies to achieve groundbreaking discoveries.

With the help of Dispendix’s cloud-based software, researchers can choose and save a protocol and the number of samples, then hit run. The cloud-based software lets you operate the G.STATION from the comfort of your favourite (remote) workplace and allows the secure transfer of data with colleagues all around the world.

There are just three simple steps required to utilize this next-gen workstation: build it, run it, and analyse it. All of these steps can be carried out with ease thanks to the user-friendly design of the G.STATION.

The G.STATION could be set up for workflows that suit your research and laboratories best. With all the different modules available for such a complex piece of equipment, we will walk through the different elements of the G.STATION.



The L.DROP is the starting point of the operation. The user places the required labware on the 20 various allocated spots on the L.DROP, assisted by Dispendix software to minimize mistakes. The L.DROP, a modern liquid handler that dispenses liquids down to 1 microliter, is equipped with state-of-the-art automation for genomics and drug discovery, eliminating repetitive tasks and embracing full-scale automation. With the various features the L.DROP offers, it is as versatile as your research needs.



The I.DOT S is an intuitive and high-quality non-contact dispenser, equipped with industry-leading software and technology. This device dispenses liquids down to the nanoliter. With the patented Drop Detection technology, you have an overview of the number of droplets dispensed.
Whether you need to dose enzymes or beads for NGS or qPCR, cells, buffers, or other solutions for Assay Development or High-Throughput Screening, the I.DOT S is equipped for every task. As well as dispensing volumes at nanoliter levels, the I.DOT also saves a lot of plastic in laboratories due to the lack of need for pipette tips.


On-Deck Thermo Cycler (ODTC)

The G.STATION includes various on-deck accessories. The On-Deck Thermo Cycler (ODTC) enhances efficiency and convenience in preparing PCR samples.


BioShake Module

The BioShake Module is the smallest heating and cooling shaker that automates the control of temperature in your processes. With precision, the BioShake Module extends the boundaries of automation, allowing researchers to control and automate every step in their workflow.



The last step of the process, the G.PURE, is the automated magnetic bead cleanup. The G.PURE prevents researchers from wasting time on the most tedious steps, making clean-ups easier than ever before. Using an integrated dispenser, excessive use of pipette tips is a thing of the past, helping your lab become more eco-friendly and cost-efficient, all with the simple click of a button!


KX-2 Robotic Arm

The KX-2 is the robotic arm that connects all the different individual modules in the G.STATION. The KX-2 Robotic Arm can seamlessly and quickly move plates between the different devices. With Dispendix’s cloud-based software, the KX-2 can communicate with the different modules and connect them, allowing for a smooth integration in custom workflows and protocols.


With the help of all the modules, the G.STATION also comes with intelligent software designed by Dispendix. This software doesn’t just assist you with placing your labware in optimal positions, it also connects all the different modules and helps you achieve optimal results with your research. Dispendix’s intelligent software keeps count of the amounts you have dispensed with the help of volume verification and can even identify errors in real time.

Together with the Dispendix software, you can integrate your persona labware software with the Dispendix software. With a wide selection of pre-existing liquid classes and protocols in the library, and the option to simply add them, the G.STATION by Dispendix is the ultimate cloud-based NGS Library Prep Machine.