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GenSolve DNA Complete

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Extract high quality, high yield DNA

Compatible with samples preserved in GenPlates, GenSaver cards, FTA paper, or GenCollect cards

The GenSolve DNA COMPLETE kit combines the acknowledged superior quality and quantity of DNA extracted by GenSolve with an equally superior column based purification to yield the best and most DNA possible from Dried Blood Spots on paper. The combination is specifically designed to provide the very best results when working with DBS as the sample origin.



Product features

Yield of DNA

GenSolve recovers a significant amount of the DNA trapped within the matrix when whole blood is spotted to the FTA Cards. Yields are typically between 50 – 360 ng from 10 μL of whole blood.


GenSolve is reproducible with an average CV of 11%.

High molecular weight DNA

Double-stranded DNA recovered from FTA Cards via the GenSolve method is intact and approximately 35 kb in length.

Suitability of GenSolve recovered DNA

DNA recovered is comparable to DNA extracted using traditional methods.

  • Contents Configured to any number of samples from one to 100
  • Storage Protease solution must be stored at 4°C
  • Shelf life (protease) 6-months at 4 ̊C
  • Shelf life (all other) 1-year at ambient temperature

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