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Heat Sealing Foils

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Seal your samples

With Vitl Heat Sealing foils

If your method uses solvents the red microplate heat seal is the seal for you. The red sealing foil is DMSO resistant and seals to Polypropylene and Polyethylene microplates.

The black microplate heat seal gives the strongest seal of all of the sealing foils in the Vitl range. The strong bonding capabilities make this seal ideal for water thermal cyclers and long-term sample storage.

Of all the foil microplate heat seals in the Vitl range, the green seal is best suited to use at high temperatures. It is also piercable and solvent resistant.

The blue foil microplate heat seal is a good general use sealing foil for low temperature storage and PCR. It is piercable and can be peeled from Polystyrene.

All Vitl microplate seals are supplied in packs of 100 sheets, each measuring 125mm x 80mm.

Product features


Seals Polypropylene, Polyethylene and Polystyrene microplates.

Color coding

Each seal has a different colour code that marks the top of the seal.

  • Available thicknesses 20 um, 38 um, 70um, 75 um (film), 85 um and 105 um (film)
  • Pierceable 20 um, 38 um and 75 um (film)
  • Peelable

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