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Scinomix RapidCAP2

SKU: SC2000-514

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The Scinomix RapidCAP2

An automated capping and decapping system


The Scinomix RapidCAP2 is an automated system that can cap and decap 0.50ml to 2.00ml tubes at a rate of 4.75 seconds per tube. Designed with a large cap hopper, the RapidCAP2 can hold up to 1,000 caps (depending on cap size), which means users can dump in bulk caps for more walk-away time. Since the RapidCAP2 is factory configured to the user’s specific needs, minimal setup time is required at the user’s facility.


Product features

Quality Controlled

The RapidCAP2 can work with and process any cap color. It also has a color detection system that can sort out particular cap colors for an extra layer of quality control.


The RapidCAP2 is designed with modular components to make servicing quick and easy, which ultimately minimizes production down time in the lab.


The RapidCAP2 can function as a stand alone unit or be integrated into a third-party automation environment.


The RapidCAP2 is designed with a user-friendly touch screen software that portrays a visual graphic of the tubes being capped and decapped. Users can also select specific tubes and racks to cap and decap.

  • Capping throughput 4.75 seconds per tube
  • Decapping throughput 4.75 seconds per tube
  • Rack requirements 2 SBS footprint racks or custom racks from Scinomix
  • Cap compatibility Caps must be wider than the depth
  • Combined max tube/rack height 8,9cm from bottom of rack to top of tube
  • Dimensions 56cm W x 48cm x 56cm H; 40kg

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