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Seal Performance

High-Quality Caps for a Reliable Seal

Micronic screw caps and push caps

Micronic manufactures screw caps and push caps for tubes with internal or external thread.

The Micronic TPE Push Caps are designed to seal tubes in a 96-well format. Several push cap formats are available:

  • The TPE Capcluster: a mat of caps with a removable foil backing that leaves each tube individually capped.
  • The TPE Capmat: a mat of caps without a removable foil backing that leaves all tubes capped together.
  • The TPE Capband-8: a mat of caps designed with perforated lines to obtain cap strips.

The Micronic screw caps are designed with a triple start thread to ensure the best possible seal for long-term storage in ultra-low temperatures. Screw caps are available in 12 colors: black, grey, white, yellow, orange, red, pink, purple, blue, light blue, green, and light green.

Product Downloads

  • Caps for Sample Storage Tubes Download

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