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Accuracy and durability of equipment

Technical Service

Guaranteed equipment accuracy and durability
To ensure the accuracy and longterm functionality of your equipment, it’s important to conduct regular maintenance checks. At NBS Scientific, we can take care of these matters for you with our three levels of service.

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Maintenance and repairs

By well-trained employees

Our service technicians are highly-skilled and trained annually by the manufacturers of our equipment to repair and maintain your laboratory automation systems. Although we conduct some repairs in-house, we can also travel to your own location if necessary.

Overview Service Plans

Below, please find the service plans we offer for different instruments. If you have questions, just chat with us online or contact us at with your inquiries.

Micronic CS700

We offer four levels of service for the Micronic CS700 Automatic Screw Cap Recapper.

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Micronic CS500

We offer a PM service plan for the Micronic CS500 Screw Cap Recapper.

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CXT 353 Frozen Sample Aliquotter

We offer a standard preventive maintenance plan for the CXT 353 Frozen Sample Aliquotter.

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Dispendix I.DOT

We offer three service levels for the I.DOT liquid handler.

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Satisfied customers

That's why we do it

"At NBS Scientific I got quick and reliable responses to questions and appointments. All advice and attention was expertly given. We've been happily working together for over 2 years now. "

" NBS Scientific provides good technical service to our systems. The Technical service specialists have a lot of knowledge and handle short lead times. "

I experience NBS Scientific as an excellent partner with pleasant employees. I have good contact with them.

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We are ready to answer any questions you may have about the services we offer. Fill in the contact form on the right or call/email directly with our technical specialist.

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