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Scinomix AQ automated aliquoting system

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Fully automate your aliquoting needs

With the Scinomix AQ aliquoting system

Caters to various labware types
All-in-one system

The Scinomix AQ system is the next step in laboratory automation. It’s designed to automate workflows like sample aliquoting, sample pooling, sample dilution, and reagent dispensing. This system offers high throughput, precision, and flexibility, making it an essential tool for laboratories that handle large volumes of samples. It caters to various labware types, including tubes, vials, and plates, ensuring a broad range of applications.

The base module can be easily install on your existing Scinomix Sci-Print VXL setup. Next to the base module, there are also three different packages available. This makes the Scinomix AQ system tailored to your specific automation needs. You can choose between the basic package, which already offers quite the spectrum of automation tools. But you can also choose to upgrade the system with two other packages, like the VXi bulk feeder package or the Scinomix Sci-Pump Peristaltic Pump package.

Easily add the AQ Module

To your excisting Sci-Print VXL setup

Works with different volumes
Offers a waste drop-off

The standard AQ module comes with a Cavro® Air Displacement Pipettor (ADP) for precision pipetting: low volume and a high accuracy. This easy to maintain air displacement technology only requires calibration once per year, making the system a hassle free pipette tool. The AQ module has a large capacity of 9 SBS-Format deck positions and the system can hold racks for uncapped source tubes, plates and even bottles with a restricted height. The AQ module uses disposable Tecan Automation Tips in a Tecan style tip holder. This allows you to choose between different sizes, sterility and filtered or unfiltered tips. The AQ module also offers a dedicated waste slot to dispose of your pipet tips in between runs.

The Scinomix AQ system can help you with your automation needs

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Package number 1

Scinomix AQ Package

Includes AQ Module
Includes VXL

The basic package of the Scinomix AQ system offers a wide range of applications and serves as the main package if you don’t have a Sci-Print VXL system. This package includes an AQ module and Scinomix Sci-Print VXL tube labeling system. Both systems are connected and work in synergy. The Scinomix VXL allows you to cap, decap, label, scan and sort a wide variety of tubes and vials. And with the AQ module attached, you can then dispense reagents and dilute, aliquot or pool samples. The base model also comes with a batch of capped or uncapped aliquot tubes.

Package number 2

With VXI Bulk Feeder

Basic Package
VXi Bulk Feeder

The AQ aliquoting system plus VXi Bulk Feeder package adds a VXi Bulk feeding system to the basic package. This package allows you to add the bulk feeder to the VXL tube labeler and bulk feed aliquot tubes into the VXL system. The VXL then proceeds with labeling and feeds the tubes into the AQ module for aliquoting. This package allows you to benefit from not having to manually rack the aliquot tubes.

Package number 3

With Sci-Pump Peristaltic Pump

Basic Package

The third package is the AQ aliquoting system plus a Scinomix Sci-Pump. This packages includes the base package and a Sci-Pump peristaltic pump for bulk dispensing large volumes of reagents. This package can also be upgraded with the standalone VXi bulk feeding system to make a complete package.

View the video on the Scinomix AQ

To see the automated aliquoting system in action

The user-friendly Scinomix software

All-in-one packages

All packages come with the user-friendly Scinomix software that works with all the individual parts of the AQ aliquoting system. The Scinomix software even allows you to run worklist based protocols, which ensures the proper mapping of the source to destination pipetting. This also ensures the proper placement of the correct label on the aliquot tubes. These worklists can be created with easy-to-use Excel templates that are provided.

The Software offers you the ability to configure the pipetting parameters without the need for any coding-knowledge. These parameters include selecting liquid classes – Pre-wet options – Tip touch – Aspirate / Dispense speeds – Leading and trailing air gaps – Pressure Liquid Level Detection (pLLD) – Tip based mixing after dispense – Tip change frequency – Waste location options.

Product features

Low Volume

With the Scinomix AQ Module you are able to dispense volumes as low as 1 microliter

High Accuracy

Air displacement pipetting technology allows for a accurate pipetting tool

Increases Productivity

The Scinomix AQ offers valuable walk-away time and decreases the chance for repetitive injuries caused by manual pipetting


The Scinomix AQ comes with user-friendly software which allows you to set up worklists within minutes

  • PC Requirements Windows 7/8/8.1/10 .NET 4.5.1 framework. Software is optimized for 1920x1080 (HD) display output and 100% display scaling.
  • Network Requirements Ethernet cable/router supplied
  • Operating Environment Indoor Use Only
  • Operating Environment Temperature 5° to 90°F (10° to 32°C)
  • Operating Environment Humidity 20% to 80% non-condensing
  • Operating Environment Altitude Up to 6500ft (2000M)
  • Length with VXL 49.8" (1328mm)
  • Width with VXL 17.4" (460mm)
  • Heigth with VXL 33.4" (843mm)
  • Weight with VXL 196.7 lbs (90.9kg)
  • Air Requirements 80–120PSI of compressed air at 1CFM.
  • Air compressor inline regulator required
  • Air compressor inline liquid trap required
  • Capacity 9 SLAS/ANSI Racks/Plates
  • Custom Rack Adapters Available
  • Pipette Tips Required Tecan-style hanging tips
  • Max Source container Height 5" (127mm)
  • Transport/Storage Temperature –5° to 105°F (–20° to 40°C)
  • Transport/Storage Humidity 20% to 80% non-condensing


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Power-up your accuracy

with the Scinomix AQ attachments

Want to upgrade the Scinomix standard Carvo Air Displacement Pipettor with advanced precision pipetting? With the Scinomix Air Displacement Pipettor you are able to precisely and accurately pipet volumes all the way down to microliters. This pneumatic version of the ADP offers a cost-effective way to pipet small volumes and offers minimal to no maintenance.

View Scinomix ADP here

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